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Performer's Music Institute-MIAMI - VOICE & Piano Instruction's Voice Instructor/Director OSCAR DIAZ, JR.              will be available to teach in NEW YORK CITY (and its vicinities)on Jan. 18th (Fri.), Jan. 19th (Sat.) & Jan. 20th (Sun.), 2019  SEE IMPORTANT NOTE*  BELOW!                                   

(See "REVIEWS" from present & past students of Oscar Diaz, Jr.:  www.facebook.com/pg/performersmusicinstitute/reviews/?ref=page_internal   OR  http://performersmusic.com/29566.html)

If interested in setting up an appointment time (& for the NYC per hour rate schedule) Contact Us: www.performersmusic.com/2452.html, (305) 757-7725, or e-mail: pmimusic@bellsouth.net 

*NOTE: The student must also provide the venue (with a piano/keyboard available) at which the lesson will take place.
(NOTE: If needed, rehearsal rooms (with a piano) can be rented –usually by the hour- (PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS) at either of the following (located throughout Manhattan):  RIPLEY-GRIER STUDIOS  http://ripleygrier.com/index.html  or STUDIOS 353: http://www.studios353.com/)

* A typical lesson with Mr. Diaz, Jr. will entail approximately 1/2 hr. vocalization and 1/2 hr. repertoire “coaching” –depending on what Mr. Diaz, Jr. feels the student would best benefit from *
Also, IF the student wishes to work on a particular piece/repertoire: Please e-mail the TITLE of the work (the key, etc.) at least one week in advance to Mr. Diaz, Jr.