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"Oscar Diaz is a leading professional in vocal technique and vocal health.  He has the ability to truly fine tune the voice.  He also has a wonderful knowledge of repertoire for all voice types.  His artistic integrity is the heart and soul of the entire operation, making him one of the best voice teachers in South Florida"                              -Melissa Ruiz, (Soprano)

"Best vocal teacher in Miami! I studied with Oscar from when I was 15 until I was 21 and the strides I made as a vocalist, musician and performer were tremendous. I cannot speak highly enough of Oscar as a teacher, mentor and person and South Florida is truly lucky to have the Performer's Music Institute! If any of you are interested in or know of someone who is interested in starting vocal lessons, this is the place"    -(Carolina) LINA GAUDENZI -of NBC's THE VOICE-Season 5

"Studying voice with Oscar was my entry to the professional singing world. Oscar is extremely well rounded and gives a student all she/he needs to perform at a professional level. He is a great musician and so you have the bonus of having it all - a voice teacher, a coach and an accompanist. I warmly recommend"                                                                                     -Cantor Netanel Hershtik, (Tenor)                                                     of The Hamptom Synagogue in New York

" When I came to Oscar as a voice student, ten years ago, I was in search of a teacher who would excel in understanding my instrument, and help me in building a world-class voice for a major professional operatic career. Not only has Oscar done that, he has gone beyond in helping to shape me as an consummate artist - one who not only sings from the soul, but also sings from the cerebral as well. Oscar is unparalleled in identifying the individual needs of every student he teaches, but without the assembly line sound in each voice. His technique and method of teaching (strictly from the bel canto school of singing, as the great singers of history were taught) fits well with any level of singer, and his firm but loving approach to teaching ensures healthy singing habits, paired with discipline and reliability. With Oscar, despite the size of my voice, I have been successful in singing roles such as the more dramatic Tosca and Violetta in La traviata, without any strain; my endurance level in pacing a role continues to go from strength to strength. I am not exaggerating when I say that, if it were not for Oscar, I don't believe that I would be as advanced and successful in my career if I had not studied with him. Because he truly finds joy in teaching, he is the best kind of voice instructor: a true pedagogue"                                                                                                                        -Jouvanca Jean-Baptiste, (Lyric-spinto Soprano)

"My voice changed in a awesome way!  Thank God for this amazing teacher"                                                                                            -Eliezer Matos, (Baritone)

(Oscar Diaz, Jr. is an) " Extremely knowledgeable and professional instructor whose dedication and unending efforts to bring about a high quality vocal product are what keeps me going back for vocal instruction, coaching, or "vocal tuneup" ...worth every penny and minute of hard work"      -Miguel Llerena, (Tenor)

"16 years ago was the first time I heard a student of Oscar. The student sang for the South Miami Music Club and I said to myself: her teacher must be a very good one.
Afterwards I met Oscar and begin my studies with him and I was right -I can say he is the best vocal teacher in Miami"                     
-Betty Cheng Ahing, (Soprano)

"I started studying with Oscar Diaz, Jr. in 2007 and ever since then I have been able to make great strides forward in my technique, expression, and color.  His commitment to creating beautiful voices is unlike that of any other teacher I know.  Whenever I had an issue with my technique he would push me to learn and become better, something which I will be eternally grateful for as it has helped me to be the singer I am today.  His dedication to his singers can be seen in how dedicated in turn his singers are to him. I highly recommend any student interested in pursuing voice to give him a call"                     -Katarina Bakas, (Mezzo-Soprano)

"Oscar is a superb teacher for the serious and dedicated singer. He expands and strengthens vocal skills, and broadens musicianship. His vast performance experience in different venues helps develop stage presence. Oscar is also a professional in business: never misses an appointment and keeps accurate records of payment. Lastly, and of equal importance, while being a strict teacher, he is warm and caring on the inside; understanding and sensitive to personal situations that can effect not only performing, but everyday living"-Rabbi/Cantor Danny Marmorstein (Tenor) Spiritual Leader of Ahavat Olam in Miami, Florida

                                                                                                           "I love working with Oscar.  He's very professional, honest and positive"              -Margaux Berwitt, (Contralto)

“Oscar Diaz's training is unique in that it creates complete artists. His students are knowledgeable, professional, artistic, and above all phenomenal technicians. He brings out the beauty of each individual instrument and doesn't create "cookie cutter" singers. Because he is so deeply passionate he holds his students to a standard of excellence that pushes each student, regardless of experience, to... continue to improve and to find more freedom and expression.
As his student I came to Oscar with a lot of vocal challenges. He has shown me how to embrace the uniqueness of my voice and to find power and freedom in a wide range of repertoire. Oscar's mastery is apparent in all he does and I would suggest any singer who is serious about a professional career to give him a call"                                           
                                                                                          -Rosie Herrera, Renowned Dancer/Choreographer & (Lyric-coloratura Soprano)

"I'm a five year student with Oscar.  He has brought the best out of my singing voice.  He continues to push me to go beyond my current level and is so CLEAR when it comes to explanation of the voice and it's workings.  Oscar may be one of the best singing teachers in Florida.  His expertise and confidence are rooted in deep training and passion.  If you get a chance to work with him. I strongly suggest you take it"           -William Cadena, (Baritone)

"Oscar puts sweat, tears, and blood into the instruction of his students. He makes sure that when you do perform, it will be a performance of great quality. He also cares personally about what is happening in a student's life. He is a teacher who has his student's back and will make them the best singer they can be"               -Elizabeth L. Carey, (Soprano)

"Oscar is an outstanding person and voice teacher. He pushes all his students to be the best performers they can be. He gives his students the proper tools and technique to become outstanding singers. He is very honest and understanding. If he hears something he doesn't like he will tell you and help you fix that problem. My voice and stage presence has improved since I started studying with Oscar about 2 years ago. I am very glad to be working with Oscar"      -Vanessa Cardozo, (Soprano)

"My daughter started taking classes with Oscar two years ago and since then,her voice has transformed into a more mature and natural sound. His technique, professionalism and commitment to each student shows his passion for teaching"                                   -Martha Cardozo (Parent of Soprano Vanessa Cardozo)


"Oscar Diaz is a very demanding teacher. But he's got a very kind heart. I consider myself as a new student, because I came to Performer's Music Institute only one year ago. But it was for me a life changing thing. I was planning to leave South Florida. Because almost everything went wrong. But I always felt as an artist. I've done ballroom dancing for many years and a bit of acting. And I know that you have to work hard to get your goals (At least it's like that in my life).... So, for me having art in my life, like having food in yours. It's very important. Without it I feel empty inside. So, I googled "voice lessons in south Florida" and I got many different websites. I remember, I saw very talented Lina Gaudenzi's performance in TV show "The Voice". That was a reason why I came to Performer's Music Institute. And I've never had any regrets. Of course, I have A LOT work to do with my voice, but at least I know that I have a right person next to me. Who already proved to me how great he is as a teacher, and who also build up the trust. I haven't solved my all problems (because of them I was going to leave Miami), but at least voice lessons gave me motivation to stay here, and now it's in my priority list! So, if your story is really closed to mine. And you're looking for REAL teacher who will help you get your goals as much as he can. You have to visit Performer's Music Institute! P.S. Now I know why I had to move to South Florida from Russia two years ago..."                                                                                                                                   -Stanislav (Dovnar) Zelenko, Ballroom Dancer & (Bass-Baritone)